• Local Workforce Innovation (Area 17), Current, Champaign, Ford, Piatt & Iroquois Counties

  • Community Action Board, Current, Regional Planning Commission

  • Champaign County Coalition, Current

  • Champaign - Urbana Cradle-To-Career (CUC2C), Current

  • Champaign - Urbana Board of Health (CUPHD), Current

  • Education Justice Project (EPJ), Current, A Comprehensive College-in-Prison Program

    • Danville - Champaign - Chicago Correctional Facilities

  • Diversifying Faculty in Illinois - Chair, Current, Illinois Board of Higher Education

  • 2016 Habitat for Humanity of Champaign County Board Member, Current

  • Serve Illinois Volunteerism Board Member, Current

    • AmeriCorps, SeniorCorps, EduCorps

  • Diversifying Faculty in Illinois (DFI), Fellowship Review Committee, Current

  • The Hispanic Employment Plan sub-Committee of the Illinois Board of Higher Education, Current

  • WGRC, Champaign Rotary, Paul Harris Fellow, Current

  • National Association of Latino Elected Official (NALEO), Current

Message From Giraldo

Ezra Klein — Vox’s co-founder and editor-at-large, and the author of “Why We’re Polarized” 

Trump defies any trace of humanity by awarding the Medal of Freedom, highest honor an American Civilian can receive, to Rush Limbaugh, who pushes hate filled and racist propaganda.

We are Democrats


February 6 - March 16

Champaign County Clerk's office

1776 East Washington Street, Urbana, IL

March 2 - March 13

U of I Campus

Illini Union - Pine Lounge - 1st Floor, Urbana, IL

March 2 - March 13

U of I Campus

Activities and  Recreation Center (ARC), Urbana, IL

March 9 - March 16

Meadowbrook Community Church

1902 South Duncan Road

Champaign, IL

March 9 - March 16

Leonhard Reacreation Center

2307 Sangamon Drive

Champaign, IL

March 9 - March 16

Church of the Living God

312 East Bradley Avenue

Champaign, IL


March 17 (7am-7pm)

District 8   -