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General Fund Information – Comparable Counties

*FTE - Full Time Employee

Enforcing and Protecting Sanctuary Status  8 USC § 1373

is a federal statute that prohibits local and state governments and agencies from enacting laws or policies that limit communication with DHS about “information regarding the immigration or citizenship status” of individuals. The statute prohibits such policies, but does not contain any requirement for anyone to take any action.


  1. Appreciation of the diverse culture within our community

  2. Strive for a workforce reflective of the community

  3. Equal and inclusive access to services and programs


  1. Fiscal solvency

  2. Transparency

  3. Efficient and friendly delivery of services

  4. Ethical behavior

  5. Adaptive thinking

  6. Long-term planning



GOAL 1 - operate a high performing, open, transparent county government


Strategic Initiatives:

Diversify county workforce


  1. Manage and encourage delivery of quality and effective health care services

  2. Effectively manage real estate tax cycle

  3. Support of local business community



  1. Equal access to civil and criminal justice services

  2. Place value on public safety and individuals' rights

  3. Encourage effective communication among public safety/criminal justice system providers

  4. Prevention of recidivism

  5. Manage safe and secure detention facilities

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